Welcome to Prestige Group’s Senior Housing Division


Welcome to Prestige Group Senior Housing and Healthcare Division

Prestige Group is the premier Senior Housing and brokerage firm.

We specialize exclusively on the sale, lease or financing of Senior Housing and Healthcare Facilities.




We Specialize Exclusively in the Sale, Lease and Financing of Senior Housing and Healthcare Facilities


  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Independent Living Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Congregate Care Facilities
  • Residential Care Facilities
  • Memory Care Facilities
  • Adult Residential Facilities

  • Adult Day Care Facilities
  • Mentally Impaired Care Facilities
  • Behavioral Health Facilities
  • Re-Habilitation Facilities
  • Senior Apartments
  • Medical Offices
  • Treatment Centers



With a commitment to excellence unparalleled in the industry, Prestige Group Senior Housing and Healthcare Division is dedicated to providing our clients excellence and professionalism in Senior Housing and Healthcare brokerage.

Teamwork, creativity, continued education, technology, culti­vated relationships and a vigilant eye on market trends enable us to be on the forefront of the sen­ior housing and healthcare industry.

As an independently owned and operated company, Prestige Group has the flexibility to meet the demands of the ever-changing market.



The Prestige Group was founded by Richard Natow is 1987. Through ingenuity, creativity, education and entrepreneurial thinking, Prestige Group has flourished!

The focus of our business has evolved from our roots in land sales to full service commercial real estate brokerage.

An independently owned and operated company, Prestige Group has the flexibility to adapt to meet the needs of the ever-changing market.

Our areas of specialization have been carefully chosen. As a ``Boutique`` brokerage organization, we are certain of our abilities to be successful as well as confident about our continued growth in these asset types.

In 2000 we identified a need for specialized brokerage services for the Senior Housing and Healthcare in­dustry. Prestige Group Senior Living and Healthcare Division was created to fill this need. Our team of spe­cialists are dedicated to this market.

We have a national presence in the Senior Living and Healthcare Property market.

The senior population is rapidly growing in the United States. Per the U.S. census seniors are projected to comprise 20% of the entire population by 2030 with seniors controlling 60% of the wealth. This means there will be a continued demand for Senior Housing and Healthcare facilities.

With our depth of knowledge and expertise in this field, we are poised to continue our success in the fu­ture.



Expertise | Experience | Results
Richard Natow

610.902.3939 ext. 111
Cell 610.348.7400

Richard Natow, President and Founder is true to the entrepreneurial spirit! After owning a suc­cessful marketing and advertising company Richard entered the real estate business and quickly developed a niche of selling land to builders and developers and marketing the new home develop­ments. Richard understands the benefits of diversification and began investing in commercial and investment properties including senior housing. Richard founded Prestige Group in 1987. His diverse real estate background, including sales, mar­keting, investment and development gives him an understanding of the entire scope of the real es­tate industry. An open-door policy with management, sales and administration allows for a collaboration of ideas and problem-solving techniques to ensure a positive, success-oriented environment to benefit our clients. Being a principal in a Senior Housing facility gives him the unique, invaluable, perspective of understanding a transaction from all sides.

Joe Shallow

Vice President
610.902.3939 ext. 123
Cell 610.701.1133

Joe Shallow, Vice President, specializes in the complex fields of Senior Housing and Healthcare properties as well as land development.

Joe is committed to building lasting relationships with his clients by ensuring he understands their ultimate goals.

A native of the Main Line of Philadelphia, Joe received a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Marketing Minor from Cabrini University. He has been a guest lecturer on entrepreneurship on the college level as well as a presenter at industry conferences.

Joe has earned the coveted and highly respected rank of Eagle Scout.  He brings the same level of leadership, determination, resolve and integrity needed to become an Eagle Scout to his real estate profession.

Shelby Simmons

Vice President of Operations
610.902.3939 ext. 110

SHELBY SIMMONS, Vice President of Operations, Project Coordinator is responsible for overall team coordination. She directs the marketing efforts, manages the administrative and settlement co­ordination departments to keep the transaction on track as well as being responsible for the financial administration of Prestige Group. With the unique perspective of having extensive corporate sales experience and being an experi­enced licensed real estate agent as well as having a BA in Communications with a concentration in advertising; Shelby’s well-rounded experience is advantageous to fulfilling our client’s goals of a successful transaction. In over 20 years at Prestige Group, Shelby has been involved in all facets of managing, marketing and coordination of projects. Shelby understands the complexities and nuanc­es involved in Senior Housing and Healthcare sales. Her goal is to guide her team to provide our clients with personalized service and results-oriented solutions.

Sajan Shah

Sales Associate
610.902.3939 ext. 122
Cell 609.634.8735

SAJAN SHAH, Sales Associate and Research Analyst focuses his time on sales and sales support for our senior sales force. He has hands-on experience in helping get a deal done; from detailed re­search, analysis and assessment of business opportunities as well as understanding clients’ goals and objectives. Local to the Philadelphia area, Saj earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business from Temple University. Saj is a crucial member of the Prestige Group Senior Housing and Healthcare Team.

Bob Cohen

Senior Vice President
610.902.3939 ext. 120
610.299.9091 Cell

Bob Cohen is our Senior Vice President and Director of Consulting and Finance. Prior to Bob’s appointment to Director of Consulting, he spent 10 years as Senior VP of the Commercial Brokerage Division. Bob, a licensed Real Estate Broker has a vast real estate background. He has extensive experience in negotiations, acquisition of all investment classes, financing, management, as well as substantial ownership Bob’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to direct our consulting division. He recognizes that every clients’ needs are unique and tailors the consulting process to their specific needs.
A consummate professional, Bob is a leader in the consulting field.  His tenacity and dedication to helping his clients have always been his number one goal!

Debby Weinstein

Transaction Coordinator
610.902.3939 ext. 104

Debby Weinstein has a legal background which is a crucial component of her role as a Transaction Coordinator.  Knowledge of the complex issues involved with property settlements is critical in the navigation of a successful transaction.

Disciplined, determined and highly organized, Debby possesses the necessary skills to effectively manage the transaction process.

Francine Brodeur-Pace

Executive Assistant
610.902.3900 Ext 100

Francine Brodeur-Pace, Executive Assistant, has the challenging job of balancing administrative duties, sales support, and graphic design/marketing projects as well as being at the center of it all!

Francine brings a diverse skill set to efficiently handle the variety of duties she encounters on a daily basis. She has a BFA in Advertising from Moore College of Art and over 25 years working in the design/marketing field. This along with her office management experience make Francine an integral part of the Prestige Group team.

Francine’s professionalism and gracious style is a benefit to our sales staff as well as our clients.


Prestige Group’s Senior Housing Division is the premier Senior Housing and Healthcare Facilities brokerage firm.

We specialize exclusively in the sale, lease or financing of Senior Housing and Healthcare Facilities like:

• Independent Living Facilities

• Assisted Living Facilities

• Skilled Nursing Facilities


• Alzheimers/Dementia Facilities

• Senior Apartment Communities

• Medical Buildings


PRESTIGE GROUP is focused exclusively on the sale and lease of Senior Housing and Healthcare facilities.

We have an unparalleled reputation for providing our clients with superior service by way of our in-depth industry knowledge, local, regional and national relationships. Our goal is to have an understanding of our clients’ specific needs.

We bring our expertise and proven track record of successful transactions to the sale or purchase of our client’s facility. Our experience ranges from complex institutional sales, portfolio transactions as well as individual facilities. All of our deals are treated with the same level of professionalism, respect and con­fidentiality.

We understand the entire scope of issues affecting the Senior Housing market:

  • Valuation of facilities
  • Staffing
  • Census
  • Private pay Medicare vs. SSI
  • Governmental regulations and licensing
  • Marketing
  • Creating upside potential for buyers

We are tenacious in championing and steering the transaction to a successful conclusion.


Seller Services

Prestige Group’s Senior Housing Division offers comprehensive Seller Representation Services. From planning, positioning and marketing a facility, determining the value of the facility, identifying, soliciting and qualifying buyers in a bidding process, through negotiating the deal to the closing.

We represent companies and individuals in selling their facilities.

On behalf of our Sellers, we supervise the entire transaction procedure from first listing the facility through settlement.

We prepare and coordinate the execution of confidential agreements by potential Buyers.

We prepare and disseminate Offering Memorandum to potential Buyers as well as extensive target marketing.

We are an integral part of the negotiation process. We ensure that all contingencies are met and specifics handled in a professional as well as a timely manner.

We also oversee the escrow process.

With issues specific to this industry like governmental regulations, permits, zoning, and financing, Prestige Group’s Senior Housing Division understands how to navigate through the complex and often overwhelming bureaucracy.


Prestige Group’s Senior Housing and Healthcare Division offers comprehensive Buyer Representation. We recognize that every client is unique with their specific goals and objectives. On behalf of our Buyers, we assist in deter­mining their purchase criteria. We do targeted acquisition searches to screen and evaluate acquisition opportunities that fit their price range, locale and other specific criteria.

We represent the Buyer’s best interest and will prepare and present offers to the Seller as well as assist in securing financing. We are an integral part of the negotiation and settlement process. We ensure that all contingencies are met and specifics are handled in a professional and timely manner. With issues specific to this industry like governmental regulations, permits, zoning and financing, we understand how to navi­gate through the complex and often overwhelming bureaucracy

Prerequisites for Home Buyers in New York State

  • Prospective Clients Shall Furnish Identification
  • Exclusive Broker Agreement is Not Required
  • Pre-Approval for a Mortgage Loan and Proof of Funds is Required

Our Proven Marketing System Gives Us Local, Regional & Na­tional Reach

Prestige Group Senior Housing and Healthcare Division is dedi­cated to providing value-added professional services to our cli­ents. Our approach to marketing a Senior Housing or Healthcare Facility is to be fully knowledgeable of the marketplace, poten­tial buyers and goals of the Seller. Our years of developing relationships with decision-makers in the Senior Housing industry are central to the success of our successful marketing system.


  • Pre-Market Evaluation
  • Confidential Offering Memorandums
  • Data Base of Senior Housing & HealthCare Related Operators, Investors, REITS, Attorneys and Con­sultants
  • Target Marketing and Advertising
  • Online Showings
  • Facility Showings

In addition, we work closely with our Multi-Family and Land divisions to fully serve the needs of our client which include:

  • Sales of Excess Land
  • Site Selection for New Developments and Projects
  • Acquisition or Sale of Operating Facilities via Alternate Means like Joint Venture, Investors, Sale Lease Backs, etc.

Our dedication to the Senior Housing and Healthcare Market enables us to deliver successful results to our clients. Through our national, regional and local relationships, we are deeply connected to the industry and can see movement in the mar­ket as well as identify trends as they develop. We have a full view of the market and are able to identify possible opportunities and as well as potential pitfalls. We are fully immersed in each transaction. With tens of millions of dollars in transaction value experience, we know how to properly value a facility. We often net our clients more than they had anticipated. We are committed to the development and retention of successful relationships with our clients.

We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality in the sales process of senior housing and healthcare facilities. We work hard to preserve the confidentiality of a facility as we don’t want to compromise a facility’s reputation and value with its residents, patients, their families, staff and the community.

We understand that Seller’s want their facilities exposed to as wide an audience as possible. We tightly control the dissemination of information. Our confidential sales process strikes the balance between confidentiality and market exposure.

Due to the confidential nature of this industry, we invite you to contact us for a confidential conversa­tion regarding your needs.

Richard Natow | President

RNatow@PrestigeGroup.com | Office: 800-866-5876 ext 111

Cell: 610.348.7400

Joe Shallow | Vice President

JShallow@PrestigeGroup.com | Office: 800-866-5876 ext 123

Cell: 610.701.1133

We are Entrenched in the Market

⌲We are Experienced

⌲We have a Proven Track Record of Success!

Due to the confidential nature of this industry,

please contact us for a list of facilities for sale.

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Agent: Joe Shallow — Call 610.902.3900

Cell: 610.701.1133 
Email: JShallow@prestigegroup.com

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This Offering Memorandum has been prepared by Prestige Group (hereafter known as Prestige) and, does not purport to be all-inclusive. All projections have been developed by Prestige, the Owners and designated sources and are based upon assumptions relating to the general economy, competition and other factors beyond the control of Prestige or the Owners, and therefore are subject to variation. Prestige, Owners and its employees disclaim any and all liability for inaccuracies, representations and warranties, expressed and implied, contained in, or for omissions from Offering Memorandum or any other written or oral communication transmitted or made and we expect prospective purchasers to exercise due diligence to verify all information.

The Owners reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to reject any and all expressions of interest or offers regarding the Property at any time with or without notice. The Owners shall have no legal commitment or obligation to any entity making an offer to purchase the Property unless and until a written agreement of sale for the purchase of the Property has been fully executed, delivered and approved by the Owners and its legal counsel. Prestige is not authorized to make any representations or agreements on behalf of Owners.

By accepting this Offering Memorandum, Buyer agrees (I) to hold and treat it in the strictest of confidence, (II) not to disclose the offering Memorandum or any of its contents to any other entity (except outside advisors retained by you) without the prior written authorization of the Owners or Prestige (III) not to use the Offering Memorandum or any of the contents in any fashion or manner detrimental to the interest of the Owners or Prestige.

In consideration for this introduction, Buyer agrees that should Buyer enter into negotiations or agreements with respect to the Property the same shall be done through Prestige. In the event that Buyer violates this Agreement, both Prestige and Owner(s) shall be entitled to all remedies provided by law, including, but not limited to, injunctive relief and damages. In the event that Buyer disclosed the availability of this property to a third party and this third party or the Buyer purchases the above Property without Prestige, then Buyer in addition to the remedies specified herein, will responsible for the payment of Prestige’s commission.

Buyer acknowledges that they are working with Prestige as Exclusive Broker and Buyers are not represented by any other real estate broker or agent. Buyer also agrees that they will not contact Owner or Owner’s Employees directly or indirectly under any circumstances. Additional information and an opportunity to inspect the Property will be made upon request to Prestige.

Prestige, understands and acknowledges that if the Potential Buyer is a “publicly traded company” on the New York Stock Exchange, and that the existence of discussion regarding Potential Buyer’s interest in the Potential Trans- action may be material non-public information about Potential Buyer. Prestige, Owner and their respective affiliates and Representatives will comply with all federal and state securities laws as they relate to the purchasing or selling of securities of Potential Buyer after receipt of material non-public information about Potential Buyer.

Request More Details

Thank you for your interest in our listing!

To receive a full marketing package, please fill out the following form and you will then be able to immediately download the marketing package. After completing the form, click “SUBMIT” to get the package.

Please note that any information you provide will not be used for other commercial purposes and will not be sold, rented, leased or forwarded to any third party.

By requesting more information you agree to the terms and conditions of the "Confidentiality and Disclaimer" statement.


Prestige Group is dedicated to the values of dignity, equality and opportunity.
We put our values into action through our “Prestige Group Gives Back” program.
We sponsor various philanthropic projects to help those in our community.

Our projects include:

⌲ Preparing and Serving Food at Homeless Shelters

⌲ Holiday Toy Drives

⌲ School Supply Drives

⌲ Martin Luther King Day of Service Projects

We encourage our staff to volunteer in our programs as well as those in the community.
We feel it is our responsibility to be a socially conscious, aware and active corporate citizen.

321 S. Valley Forge Rd
Devon, PA 19333
Fax: 610.902.3999

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  • "Whew! Are we ever glad to have sold Mannco! Thank you, thank you and thank you for selling it for us. We really appreciate the professional, thoughtful and thorough way you handled the sale."
    The Seven Mann Sisters & Brothers
  • "I'm writing to thank you for your assistance with the sale of Brightfield, a 146 bed ALF which was developed by the Quaker Group almost 20 years ago. Your communication skills & attention to detail were key components to making the sale smooth & successful. We look forward to working with you on other asset dispositions."
    Sara K. Gowing, CEO
  • "Now that settlement of our newly acquired 65 bed assisted living facility is completed, we wanted to commend and thank you for an excellent job as our Buyer representative. You took the time to understand our acquisition requirements and then do a comprehensive search to find a facility that fit our criteria. We have dealt with national firms and have never received the personalized service, attention to detail and expertise that we received from you and Prestige Group."
    Dave Norcini
  • "I appreciated your patience and found your council to be invaluable; through it all you were able to get me very close to my, (dream), asking price. You demonstrated an unwavering work ethic supported by constant communication which brought the deal to a close. There's no doubt in my mind that your sincerity and concern were genuine and I thank you."
    Allen D. Whitehead - Chestnut Hill Manor